Michael Brunswick & Gusford Gallery

By garrett

Where do I begin when it comes to Michael Brunswick. Generally its good to start at the beginning, I'd say.  Michael is one of those people,  that even if you don't know him, he gets your attention. Even if he's waiting in line for a coffee in front of you and you don't speak to him, your thinking about him, just based on his presence alone. Or maybe thats just me, but the journey of how the guy with the stroller on Abbot Kinney that was always on his headsets became Michael Brunswick is something I can't ever forget...

Before Michael ever set foot in our store, I would always see him walking around AK with the craziest outfits on, raddest 70's porn star glasses on, and just looking busy as all hell with a baby in one arm and all kinds of cool stuff going on. I swore to my friends he was a porn director. I was convinced, he obviously had his shit together, but he seemed to be into his own thing, and I was just convinced.

Somewhere along the line, Michael walked into our store and the charismatic incredible human being that is Michael Brunswick began to unfold. Over the years, Michael has been more than a customer (if you watch the video we did on him by clicking on the photo below you can see that eyewear is one of his few major fetishes), he's grown into a member of the family. Forming life long relationships with current employees, former employees, friends of ours and everything in between. He encompasses everything that we appreciate in a human being.

We quickly found out that Michael Brunswick is not a porn director. Michael is a Canadian, Hockey obsessed, eyewear obsessed, vintage toy obsessed, husband, father of two, local Venezian, and passionately obsessed artist. Watch our video on him and you can see of his other loves and passions.

Michael recently exhibited his latest works, 79th Organ, at the Gusford Gallery in Hollywood, California on Melrose. Which was a major success, selling half the show on opening night!

There's nothing more to say except that we are grateful to know this dude. Happy to have some of his pieces in our own homes. And ecstatic that we get to constantly be around him and experience his humor.

This is a close up taste of some of the pieces featured at his show.

Be sure to check out his artist profile video done by Ron Moon by clicking on the picture below.

Also, make sure to stay linked in with Gusford Gallery.  A new gallery in Melrose that we at GLCO proudly support, owned and operated by our friends Michelle Schultz and Kelsey Offield.

Named after this cute little creature below. Gusford.

Thats Kelsey with Michael's new baby Lockland.  The princess of the most interested faces in the world.

Gusford knows I love when animals lay like this.

Thanks to Michael Brunswick and the gals at Gusford for letting me steal some of your time and preach the good word.