Met Gala 2015

By Garrett and Emily

List image: Invision/AP/Charles Sykes

All other images: Getty Images

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet for the past two days, you’ve either read something regarding Star Wars (May the Fourth be with you), margaritas (Cinco de Mayo, baby) or The Met Ball. Here at GLCO, our eyes were glued to the computer screen awaiting live updates on the red carpet of the Met Ball. It’s consumed each of our late evening activities to early morning Internet consumption, so why not make this commentary work related? In fashion everyone has an opinion, so we’ll throw our hat into the ring. In the absence of Fashion Police, Garrett and I will present our—somewhat differing—opinions regarding fashion’s biggest night. And if we have any say in it, next year you’ll see the eyewear game significantly upped.  

E: I feel like the men's fashion side of The Met Gala always struggles with the theme. There's less to work with when you're constrained to a black tie dress code. Adrian nails it here. You've got to love an embroidered, double-breasted plum suit jacket with a shawl collar. No complaints here. 

G: I just can't get behind the whole embroidered colorful crazy pattern jacket idea. It reminds me of bad Nordic fashion or even worse, the NBA draft. And I wish he would change his hair already. However, I am down with plum. I'm gonna get me something plum. 

E: Have I been sleeping on the whole Larry David fashion movement? If so, I'm very aware of it now. And although his look is nowhere near the theme, the white striped sole in his brogues does it for me. Plus I'm slightly biased towards thin, round frames a la Wilson. Nice job.

G: Love the white outsole on the brogues. And love a man (especially an icon) who wears the same pair of glasses for 20 years. Committing to one style for your entire life is awesome, and only a few people can master that. The fact that it's an Oliver Peoples MP-3 obviously makes it that much more special for me.

E: Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs are my sartorial couple-crush of the century. Robert switched it up slightly with his flat tuxedo tie (or is that just a contrast collar? Hard to tell, either way I dig it) and Twigs has a not-so subtle anatomical part on her Christopher Kane gown. Snaps all around. Only thing missing from Pattinson’s look is a frame like Brooks to accessorize.

G: These two are absolutely crushing it. I mean the universe is just working for them, like the way the footprint on FKA twigs dress is perfectly in line with Robert’s left leg and Robert’s hand just looks like a pattern on her dress. Let’s face it, they can’t keep their body parts off each other. But seriously, they look top notch.  

E: Usher seems to be sporting a foot injury, but leave it to him to make a cane and boot look darn good while simultaneously tying in a theme. Also his buttoned-up lapels are giving the illusion of a Mandarin collar. Nice touch!  

G: When an adult has a lower body injury, one should instantly assume that person suffered their injury due to lack of self-control while drinking alcohol. 99% of the time you will be right. I looked it up, Usher got in a fight at a club. If and when this happens to you, you should punish yourself by not attending fun public events. So, even though his ensemble is phenomenal, when you’re wearing one dress shoe embroidered with gold and one walking boot, you can’t win.  Imagine what Puffy is thinking.

E: Man broaches. Let’s get it trending. But overall this look is very safe. Note to his stylist to take it up a notch next year. It’s the Met Gala for God’s sake.

G: Common for president. He kept it simple and classic because it obviously makes him comfortable. Look at that smile, imagine the frown he’d have if there was an embroidered dragon spitting fire on his jacket. Oh wait, there might be a dragon on his lapel, or is that a mocking jay?

E: A dinner jacket with heavy dragon embroidery fits the bill. Knowing Balmain it probably costs as much as a used Mercedes. He was also one of the few to rock sunglasses on the red carpet, which is approved. Although I’d prefer our Mark McNairy Pinehurst collaboration. 

G: Oh my god, a fire dragon jacket. Actually though, Bieber is turnt all the way up here. The only reason I give him a 9 is because I think he’s wearing women’s black cat eye sunglasses. This outfit was a perfect opportunity to go with a touch of tortoise shell. Or even a crystal colored frame. But, to my own surprise, I actually dig this jacket, and he pulled it off. My favorite look.

E: My personal bias aside, this look is the perfect blend of Jeremy Scott’s signature kitch with high fashion. Katy’s pixie cut is a risk and I love how her spray paint bag infers that she could have tagged her own gown. It’s also worthy to note that her nails have dangling charms that spell out Moschino and that she and Jeremy rolled up in a matching graffiti’d ride. Ideally this would have been a home run for 2013’s punk theme, but is anyone paying attention to that really? 

G: Graffiti dress AND the spray can bag? Look, I’m not gonna go here because Emily is so obsessed with Ms. Katy. So, I’ll just speak to the fact that I love her new hair style. Short and black equals H-O-T.

E: Cara in Stella McCartney is just slaying it for me. It’s a risk to wear pants to a black tie gala and a jumpsuit is the perfect compromise. The temp tattoos are a neat way to tie in the theme while still remaining trendy considering body art is having a moment right now. An added bonus is that she won’t be covered in cherry blossoms for the rest of her life. 

G: To be honest, I don’t even know what the Met Gala is or why it happens. Is this the same event where Solange attacked Jay-Z in the elevator? Are this girl’s tattoos real? I don’t think I’m qualified for this judging gig. All I can say is, in the words of M.I.A. “Bad girls do it well.”