Meredith Darrow Art + Surf

By garrett

Last week Helen stopped by our friend Meredith Darrow's beautiful Venice Beach house to talk a bit about the art of art consulting and peak at her walls before heading out for a surf.  If there's one person you should be a little jealous of, arguably that person could be Meredith Darrow and her insanely amazing collection of art.


Darrow has been working in the art world out of college and started her company Darrow Contemporary  in 2009. She guides collectors throughout the international art community providing expertise and access.

Back in Spectacle 2, Meredith wrote a piece for us about Ed Moses. Check it out sometime.

   Alex Israel 



Mathew Cerletty 


Richard Aldrich 

Ann Cathrin November Hoibo 

Tauba Auerbach 

Dash Manley

They ran out of gas on the way to the beach, unbelievable but actually totally believable.

Had to call her roommate to come to the rescue.

Luckily, Meredith's roommate Charles Smith came to the rescue in lieu of AAA.

Small, but they made it!