Meet The Reps: Silmo 2013

By garrett

This year I attended my 6th Silmo Tradeshow in Paris and my 3rd with an official brand. Quite a few for someone still in their 20's. I know that's a little crazy third person talk there, but its true. Its hard to believe how fast all of this has happened and how far we've come in such a short period of time. I've never felt more grateful but also just lucky to be surrounded by such a great group of people. Many people will tell you that the hardest thing in the world is finding great employees and I would agree with that. But at GLCO I think we have a really clear vision of what we want to do, and it seems that it rubs off on our team. Let me quickly walk you through my Silmo journey.

2008 I simply went to find manufacturers for the company I was then running Alumni. A company that would facilitate eyewear design and development for streetwear companies like The Hundreds, Crooks N Castles, and Black Scale.

2009 I had dropped that company and started building out my retail store in Venice, Ca. In September 2009 I went to Paris and picked up Thierry Lasry, Mykita, Oliver Peoples, and a bunch of vintage finds for my grand opening in November 2009.

2010 was the big year and most awkward for sure. Coming from a totally different angle, I had a briefcase full of frames and zero accounts. My goal was to open Colette and find the best optician in Paris, which turned out to be Marc Le Bihan. I opened those accounts and shipped them in January 2011. I also spent 4 total weeks in Europe traveling to the best optical accounts by train and with a briefcase and a suitcase. I believed in my product and they took a chance.

2011 was our first "real tradeshow." But all we could afford was an apartment in the 8th arrondissement on the 3rd floor. The customers weren't happy about it, but they made there way up and continued to support the collection, which was slowly becoming one of their best sellers. This year Elena and I also spent 4 weeks in Europe traveling to totally different territories, adding new accounts that we had reached out to by email. Once again, planes, trains, and automobiles.

2012 we made it to the floor and built the first GLCO booth. That was the year we literally signed contracts with the reps you see below. This was easily the most hectic, exciting time of my life. I will never forget the high I had those few weeks in Europe.

That brings us to 2013. The fully functioning European team you see below gathering at the first annual GLCO Sales Rep Presentation.


What a week in Europe!


From Left: Paulina & Kostas (Greece), Will (UK), Alexandra (France & Benelux), Davide (Italy), Helena & Sito (Spain), Markus (Germany). NOT Pictured and most important Gaelle! Our GLCO European customer service agent. Without Gaelle there is nothing, ask any one of these reps.


Will is certainly one of a kind.


We were so lucky to get Alex. I literally hired her 2 days before the 2012 show and trained her in two 5 hour sessions. She killed it and hasn't stopped since. Plus she gets 30% of Celine.


Markus is a seasoned veteran and covers a huge territory. Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Scandinavia.


Helena was actually my first rep. I'll never forget meeting her at Capsule show in Berlin. It was just me all alone and a little booth.  No one is more organized then Helena. Viva Spain!


Davide is truly a one of a kind Italian, and thats saying a lot. Also, what can you say about that hair.


Sito helps run the show in Spain with his wife Helena, pictured 2 photos above.


Danny is the man down under. I can't tell you how many times people say, "dude, your huge in Australia!" Yeah well thats all thanks To Danny and the man below.


Benny is a huge part of the magic behind Australia.  A true road warrior. The man.


Will is a maniac and Kostas from Greece can't get enough of it.

Thanks to everyone for a great show. See you in Munich in January! Its going to be freezing!