Mattea Perrotta

By garrett

Two and a half years ago, the lovely and talented  Mattea Perrotta walked into A. Kinney Court and asked us for a job. Fresh out of UC Berkeley with an art degree, she needed to get her feet on the ground and assimilate back into her home community of Venice, Ca.

It was always a pleasure to have such a positive spirit on the GLCO team, but it wasn't hard to tell after long that her heart was in her art. Mattea is a creator and doesn't have to chase her dream. She lives it on a daily a basis by doing what she loves. Mattea is a true Angeleno living in her Topanga Canyon studio where she is inspired to do her work and occasionally break away for a little surf session.

We went out and took a visit to see Mattea to see what life after A. Kinney Court is like. She seems to be doing just fine.

You can contact Mattea at