Marina Leight & Alumni

By garrett

We often focus on iconic men here at GLCO, but sometimes you can look no further than your own family to find inspiration.  Anything I write here will just come across bias, and rightfully so. But in a city full of disguise there lies a few gems. And Marina Tia Leight is definitely one.

After graduating with honors from FIDM Los Angeles and being the only student chosen out of her class that was sent on scholarship to Rome to study for three years at one of the most prestigious couture design house in the world, Marina brought her know how to Los Angeles.

Now she is one of the most valuable assets in this city that you might not know about for making the highest quality Made In Los Angeles products for up and coming fashion labels. A true career renaissance women who can illustrate, cut, sew, source, pattern-make, design, sample, produce, drape, or anything else you might imagine possible with a garment.

You can see below a little bit of what she does at Alumni Design & Development.