Malibu Kiwanis Chili Cook-off

By garrett

We concluded our Labor Day weekend by attending the Malibu Kiwanis Chili Cook-Off at Cross Creek in Malibu. A place unlike no other fair anywhere in the world. Why you ask? I mean, below you can see simply that there's nothing more than the bevy of gut-wrenching head spinning rides that you might find at any typical fair. As well, you might not even notice anything different with the carnival games below; basketball toss, balloon darts, fish bowl toss, three pin bowling. That's because the madness lives within the fair itself. Here's what we are not showing you.... Where else can you see Minnie Driver's three year old son getting lost and frantically crying as Minnie races around the fair for her son? Wouldn't you want to see a 75 year old Nick Nolte banging his knee with a gigantic rubber blow up hammer? What about Michael Rappaport screaming his lungs out on the most unnecessary stomach churning ride ever? Have you seen Gary Busey eat a corn dog? Imagine all the things that went on when we weren't at the fair the other 70 hours it went on for.


Most people know this ride above too well.  The worst.


I decided to sit this one out, and it was definitely the right choice.


They should call that game the green machine. Because it eats cash and looks simple.


My favorite.


Every fair has "the make out ride." There were a lot teenagers hanging around this ride.


Speaking of celebrities, I ran into CFDA award winner Greg Chait. Check his work out at The Elder Statesmen. This man goes to the ends of the earth to source the highest materials and produce the most insane cashmere products on the planet. Not an exaggeration. True story.


Ron was a little sick of losing his money, so he chose to play an "Everyone wins" game.


All he had to do is catch two of these stylish ducks with sunglasses on and....


he won the weiner man.


My lady asked me to win her a gold fish, so I did. I won her two. Steve & Stevan. Unfortunately they are already no longer with us.

The biggest mistake was not actually trying the chili at the Chili cook-off festival. But, there's always next year. And who knows, maybe I'll share a moment with Cher or Prince if I'm lucky.