Makoto & The Man Beards

By Garrett

I once bonded with Makoto about my inability to understand Japan and its culture. Don't get me wrong, I love Japan, it's inspiring and interesting and all those wonderful things. But it's not exactly what everyone makes it out to be, the picture that was painted for me is significantly different than the picture I can paint of it today, from my point of view. And to be honest, it was that conversation with Makoto that made me whole with how I feel about Japan. Because he's a Japanese dude who relocated because he felt the same way. That said, Makoto is the man, not surprising he has rad style, and has always inspires me to think outside the box when it comes to style. If I remember correctly he is actually a professional stylist for a handful of professional Japanese athletes. Some that have relocated to play for American sports teams as well as local Japanese athletes. Not just that though, Makoto has always been in and around fashion. He's the dude that was in Japan when all things Tokyo were happening with fashion and American brands. He knows all the Beams people, United Arrows, Neighborhood, and all those dudes. Anyone in fashion knows what I'm talking about, you know those people that just know everything and everyone, that's Makoto. Check out Makoto as he came into our store A. Kinney Court on Abbot Kinney to get fitted for some prescription glasses. We also rolled out to the farmers market to grab us some lunch and big fish. 

Garrett Leight California Optical Oxford Sun 

GLCO Harding Sun 

GLCO San Juan 

GLCO x Mark McNairy #1 Sun 

GLCO Hampton Sun and Hampton Clip 

GLCO Milwood Clip and Milwood Optical 

GLCO Machado Sun 

GLCO Wilson Sun  and Machado Sun