Magazine Monday w/ Noah Jashinski

By garrett

Welcome to the first installment of Magazine Mondays happening from now through the end of the year.  We thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to the people that make Spectacle magazine a reality. Like anything in life, successful creative work takes a talented team of people working together.  Often the people behind the camera don't get the credit they deserve, and in this day and age that we live in, simple credits do do their talent justice. At GLCO we try our best to represent talent and showcase it. But this time, for the first time, we decided to take the talent and put it in front of the lens, instead of behind.

First up is Los Angeles based photographer Noah Jashinski. Check out Noah's piece from the Day Trippers section of Spectacle Magazine by clicking here.

I almost just want to say, "Noah Jashinski is amazing," and just leave it there, and have you go see for yourself. That's because its true. Noah is delightfully strange and extraordinarily passionate about his craft and his life. We met Noah a year ago when he shot some photos for us in the first edition of Spectacle One, thanks to Natalie Toren. 

We were so happy with the results of the first photo shoot, we decided that we wanted to tag along and see it all in action. It was only then, after sharing a room with Noah in Joshua Tree, California I really got to see his passion come out in his personality. Running around the hot desert like a mad man in skin tight black jeans and a black shirt, chasing light, perfect backdrops, and props all whilst smoking cigarette after cigarette after cigarette…you get the picture.

Noah's home personifies the quintessential creative individual. Littered with inspiration at every turn.  Inspiration has literally become the wallpaper of his life.

Noah has a profound respect for the art of photography and never shoots anything digital. To hear him explain the romantic process of developing film is something you don't forget. And his relationship with his different cameras, I can't even go there.

The world needs more purist like Noah Jashinski.  And at GLCO we definitely appreciate this Angeleno.

Once again, the wallpaper of his life...

Some of Noah's work above and below...

Check out Noah's piece from the Day Trippers section of Spectacle Magazine by clicking here.