Magazine Monday w/ Lauren & X

By garrett

The letter X is often found in words that describe something excellent. For example, Xavier Burt & Lauren Paez are an extremely beautiful and exciting couple that exemplify true talent and exuberant passion when it comes to creative collaboration. Lets examine their exact contribution to Spectacle Magazine before I borax you to death and get exiled from this blog.

Somewhere in the middle of the production of Spectacle II, Xavier approached me about an incredible concept him and his girlfriend Lauren had.  It wasn't necessarily for Spectacle, or anything in particular, they just thought it would be really interesting to shoot what would normally be a typical eyewear campaign but remove the clothing. So as to highlight the natural beauty of an individual as well as speak to the power of a colorful frame against natural skin tone.  Being a huge fan of the brand, and a friend of mine for quite some time, X had just been motivated to create something together.  When I heard the idea I was all for it. We moved as fast as possible, because we were literally 7 days away from closing production on all content for the magazine. Xavier produced the whole thing with his girl L. They knew who they wanted to shoot it, which models, who they wanted for hair and make-up. They hit the ground running and ended up producing a beautiful and completely original piece unlike any other "eyewear" piece we had shot before.

I highly suggest taking a look at TOPLESS. An Xavier Burt & Lauren Paez production. Styling by Lauren Paez, Hair and Make-up by Matisse Andrews, Photography by Bennet Perez, and words by Avram.

I met Xavier and Lauren about 2 1/2 years ago when they moved from Miami Beach to Venice Beach. About a few weeks in, they realized the V wasn't for them, but very much into Los Angeles they headed east to where they live now in Hancock Park.

These two have impeccable taste in the finer things in life. Art, photography, design, fashion, architecture….to name a few.

This is the type of blog that would make you want to move to Los Angeles and live like them.

Check out Lauren's Etsy, Excavation LA to see some of her offerings.

Its no coincidence that Lauren has the raddest style and is a stylist. Don't try this at home.

This is Marcel, and he's the best. He's got a french name, but he's not so french.

Cody Hudson limited print above.

Xavier says that some people refer to Lauren as the "Treasure Hunter." She collects a myriad of things, mostly little trinkets, like these pyramids and teepees and little dolls & toys.

Roof access is always the best. Especially in LA. On a clear day you can see for miles in every direction.

We love these two little lovebirds.

As always, thanks for contributing to the GLCO journey and we look forward to working with you again!

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