Magazine Monday w/ Harper Smith

By garrett

When I moved back to Venice seven years ago, Harper Smith was one of the first people I was introduced to. This is way back before either of us was married or really doing anything with our careers. Somewhere along the line, maybe 1-2 years in, we stopped running into each other. I can only attribute this to our extremely busy lives and probably the fact that we both fell in love.  In any case, I received an email from Harper a little less than a year ago when she noticed that we were both featured side by side in the second issue of Need Supply's publication, Human Being Journal.  You can check out her work for them by clicking here. 

And you can check out her photo piece in Spectacle Magazine by clicking here. 

Harper Smith is now Harper Duddy, and Harper Duddy is fucking killing it. There's really no other way to put it. When so many of our peers, especially in an industry that is so competitive, have been trying to figure it out. Harper has been flying. When we discussed collaborating for the magazine, I brought up the Road Trippin' section and it was the perfect fit. Here's a fun little fact, Harper actually got married the weekend of the photo shoot in Wyoming. So all of her photos from the magazine, sort of double up as wedding photos. Leave it to these two to do something totally original and untraditional and make it be amazing.

First of all, Harper is original, and her work is incredible.  She's definitely found success because of the quality of her work. Much like a brand, Harper's work has an original DNA, high quality, and she is an absolute gem of a person to work with.  I can say that because I've personally known her the longest out of any photographer we've worked with. Go to her website and see her photography. She's worked with an incredible array of talent from actors, to musicians, to stylist, to brands, magazines, and everything in between.

Now on a softer note, how cute is her life? Look at her piggy, Pepper. Pepper is a mini juliana if you were wondering. Harper says she's a brat, but they love her anyway.

"Remi is a lab/great dane mix. He wants to be Pepper's best friend, but to no avail. And Stewie, the pug, acts above her. But we all live peacefully together and agree to snuggle lovingly on the couch every night. Which I call my happy place," Harper said.

Harper, Cameron, and her three little babies live in Topanga Canyon, somewhere if you haven't experienced, we highly suggest it.

Below is their airstream, which is currently a little project they have been working on. They hope to renovate it completely on the inside and travel the country and use it as a little MOHO for photo shoots.

These are some photo selects from Spectacle Magazine featuring her husband Cameron Duddy.

Go check her website for the full spectrum.

Thanks Harper for contributing to the GLCO journey, we are thrilled to have been able to feature your work.