Magazine Monday w/ Cristina Dunlap

By garrett

Cristina Dunlap is working.  If she respects your work, then she is excited to contribute. When we first worked with Cristina Dunlap on Spectacle One we reached out to her because we loved her work. We had an idea for a section of Spectacle that revolved around capturing our creative friends in their home or work spaces, we titled the section "Proust With Pals." After looking at her work, we knew she would be perfect for the gig. And being a native Los Angeleno, we were assured she could capture the essence of these artists and the city that inspires them in their homes here in Los Angeles.

Check out Cristina's piece on Marfa, Texas from Spectacle Magazine by clicking here.

When it came time to shoot Spectacle Two, her timing couldn't be more perfect. We had just started conceptualizing what the second edition would look like when I received an email in my inbox.

It said very simply that she loved the Road Trippin' section of our magazine and that she was curious if we were doing a second edition because she was headed to Marfa, Texas with her friends and thought it would fit perfectly. Some things are just meant to be.

The result of her shoot in Marfa proves that there is beauty in working with people when mutual respect exists. You can check out her website and see that she has worked with companies ranging from Budweiser to Vice.  We are beyond flattered that this amazing photographer and actually trained and qualified cinematographer is excited to create with us.

If we're lucky, Cristina Dunlap can be a staple in the photographic vision that is Garrett Leight California Optical for a long time to come. Thank you Cristina for your inspired work and contribution to GLCO.

Check out some of Cristina Dunlap's work above and below...

Thanks for letting us in your home and capturing your world for a day.

Check out her piece in Spectacle Magazine on Marfa, Texas by clicking here.