Lightning Bolt Surf Revival

By garrett

The weekend is almost here and the rain shouldn't stop you from headed down to Venice and getting wet.  Nothing inspires that kind of movement like Lightning Bolt.

Lightning Bolt was founded in 1971 in Hawaii by Gerry Lopez and Jack Shipley and is one of the most iconic surf brands and recognizable logos the industry has ever seen.

Lightning Bolt was the first company to sponsor professional surfers by providing the free surfboards.  In 1970 Lopez created the infamous Lightning Bolt jag logo, that will be forever ingrained in the surfing culture.

The Lightning Bolt revival is back in Venice after being acquired by son of famous surfing family, Jonathan Paskowitz. He has employed a group of passionate locals  who perfectly embody the Lightning Bolt lifestyle to try and carry on the legacy. Shawn, pictured above, is the 2013 version of an LB surfer.

Pictured here wearing GLCO x Mcnairy Co-lab.

You can go check out the Lightning Bolt store and studio in Venice, California down on Pacific avenue in the historic windward circle neighborhood.

Fully stocked with Lightning Bolt paraphernalia and memorabilia.