Leidmann Munich

By garrett

Apparently these days it takes me four days to catch up with the jet lag, so here I am reporting to you from the Opti Tradeshow in Munich. Fortunately the weather has basically been absolutely perfect for January in Munich. In fact the first night I was able to stand outside with a t-shirt on. Which is unheard of for previous years here.

In other great news we have a team here that has been able to put all the pieces in place and I have actually had some time to visit the city. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to leave the show early and check out the incredible new location from Christain Leidmann on Maxamillianstrasse. I can't describe how pleasant it is to be constantly impressed with the opticians in Europe, especially in Germany. There is such an extra sense of style and care for details in the optical community over here. It makes american optical stores look like they are from ….. (well I'll just stop there.)

Check out some of the photos from Elena and my visit.

When I first started GLCO my goal was to open the best optician and best fashion boutique in each major city in Europe. Thats how I would describe it in the simplest form.  Pool was one of the stores on my list, but I was unsuccessful in getting them to pick up the collection.  However, now, with the new Leidmann space, I would say we are basically in a bigger and better situation, and much happier with it than we could have ever imagined.  Great location, great optician, great representation of GLCO, right next to one of the best fashion stores in Germany , perfect!

Here are some professional photos from the Leidmann Facebook page.

While we are at, heres some photos from around Munich...

Stay Tuned for some more adventures from Europe.