GLCO La Brea New & Improved

By Garrett

Many people have been asking me, "why are you renovating La Brea? Didn't you just open that store?" While that's a valid question, there is definitely a valid answer. 

At this company, we are not afraid to admit that we are constantly growing, constantly learning from mistakes as well as our successes. For example, when I started GLCO at 26 years old, it had a very simple thought in my mind…make a great product by finding the best factories that can source the best material on the planet and assemble the best frame for the absolute best price. I had not yet considered the brand DNA, the packaging, anything. I had an idea for four frames that I felt my store needed. Then, the second round of thoughts came in...who is my customer? What do they look like? Where do they shop? What do they read? And what kind of lifestyle are they attracted to? That is when the "marketing" began. Organically of course as my Venice surroundings were such an exact representation of me and everything that I loved that all I had to do was capture that lifestyle and put it into the product and put into the branding (so to speak) and get out there and sell my ass off. 

Fast forward, I was so excited (and so busy managing A. Kinney Court in Venice) that when the sales samples arrived, I had forgotten to manufacture a case and a cloth. It seemed I had remembered everything else that I would need. We had shot and printed our first catalogue/newsprint. We had created a sort of landing page/website. I had found my manufacturers and signed off on final samples. And I had my launch strategy. I started by approaching Vogue, WWD, New York Times, etc. to make the announcement of the launch. Then I followed by making unscheduled visits to the world's best retailers (Barneys, Bergdorf, Colette, Dover Street, and a number of incredible opticians around the world). And somewhere along the line, the epiphany, there's no packaging! I was three months or less away from delivering.  To make a long story short, this is an example of sometimes how things have gone down here in the past. And of course I rushed and got that first run of terrible cases, that I ended up replacing basically immediately. But that's not the point. 

I guess my point is that I am human, GLCO is run by young humans that are constantly evolving and growing. We've done a lot of things right along the way and some things not so perfect. But we have an idea of where we need to be and we are always striving for it. So…why the change at La Brea? We realized we didn't initially accomplish our goal when we set out to design our displays. Our goal is to treat every point at which you interact with the GLCO brand as a familiar experience. More than likely before you visit our store, or one of our retailers, you have checked us out on Instagram or our website or some other non physical experience. And since we are such a content obsessed company that is constantly creating original photography that represents the Garrett Leight California lifestyle we realize these are the images, the mix tapes, the films, the photoshoots that you know us by. So we wanted to treat the area which we merchandise the product on, more like our website. We wanted to give the consumer an opportunity to interact with our brand at the store the same way they can interact with it at home, plus of course the added bonus of actually touching our frames. The new La Brea display, is simply more interactive. With the ability to change out images as the seasons change or as we release our new magazines, films, mix tapes whatever. If you come to a GLCO store and you don't feel like dropping any money, no worries, you can leave with a mix tape downloaded to your phone, or a Spectacle magazine that we produce. And for sure you can leave with a better understanding of what we are all about. 

Anyway, that's all I really have to say about why we renovated so quickly after re-opening. Because there's no such thing as wasted money when attempting to create a perfect brand experience.  We always want to do right by the customer. We always want to be on the cutting edge and engage with our customers in ways that they never thought possible and at the very least engage with them in ways that they are used to in this day and age, nothing less. It all ties back into the things we believe in that help to create the absolute best brand experience that results in ultimate value. We believe in quality, style, California, exclusivity, good customer service, and fair prices which results in the most valuable eyewear brand experience one can have.

To speak specifically about aesthetics, the new design just seems so much more impactful with the round pegs with white tips. Not to mention it allows us to be completely modular. Changing images, moving shelves around, and keeping the store feeling fresh all the time.

New window display is also really great with the succulents giving the store that lively California energy it needs.

GLCO elements are white, orange, wood, and slated wood. Nothing more, nothing less.

It should be noted that I took these pictures, so please excuse the unprofessional lighting, etc.

Check out our mixtapes. Seen here with our Sol Republic x GLCO headphones.

Come visit the new and improved GLCO La Brea. Jason and Bobby would be happy to help you out.