LA Art Book Fair

By Tiffany

Without fail, the LA Art Book Fair happened again this year. And without fail it was glorious.

Overwhelming, but glorious.

It's a massive beast of a book fair, taking up the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA for a whole weekend, filling it wall to wall with hipsters (I say this in a good way), straight-faced art collectors who know more than I will in 3.68 lifetimes, and people who are really serious about crowd-milling.

The fair is like winning the jackpot if your ideal jackpot was a buffet of artsy visuals that you could see and feel – not in a Burning Man kind of way – but like if you really wanna pick up and hold artists' books, art catalogs, monographs, periodicals, and zines by over 250 folks around the world kinda way. Printed Matter is the mastermind behind this.

Who needs maps? LET YOUR EYES GUIDE YOU. 

Actually, yeah, I should've picked up a map. Then I could label all these booths I took pictures of.

Charisse, our newly promoted ~*OPERATIONS MANAGER*~ reppin' the Grant and GLCO tote (not for sale, but which I'll trade for a couple tacos).

Check out this gentleman's HAND bag. Really good people/style watching here. 

Really excited about this photo. That is a blurry NATHANIEL RUSSELL on the right. Yes, I have spotted him in the wild. Actually he was also at his booth. But he makes awesome stuff like this:  

which I literally laugh out loud at and hope you do too. Look the fellow up if you haven't seen his stuff around the internet already. 

If a hipster has a conversation at the LAABF and no one hears it, did he still talk? Philosophical quandaries of this day and age.

Ok jokes aside this was a really cool booth I wish I could tell you the name of. Great photos on display.

Good shirt/hat combo.

My LAABF 2016 2-book haul. Stayin' real selective. ALSO: Aidan Koch's illustrations are beautiful.

Anyway, smell ya later. Til next time. Til the book fairs.