The Los Angeles Kings Win It All

By Garrett & Helen

Continuing on my theme of loving my disposable camera, I was headed to the Los Angeles Kings Championship Rally when I realized, I would love to document that, stopped off at a CVS and purchased another camera. This one is mixed in with a little Apple Pan because I met my buddy for dinner there that evening. I had to re-learn some disposable camera lessons because all the photos I took inside were completely dark. Note to self, even when its daytime and you are inside, use the flash with a disposable camera.

I'm not sure if I've ever blogged about Apple Pan on this blog, but if you aren't familiar, this is hands down the best burger in Los Angeles. I'm sorry, but I'm genuinely not interested in arguing this point with anyone. It's not worth my time. This is is. Ask any Angeleno that is more than one generation. This is as good as a burger gets for Los Angeles. And I'm not talking about the ambience, the story, the history, location, nothing like that, even though all of that is also incredible. Pound for Pound best burger in LA hands down. If they are not your favorite fries, fine. Although, those are good too.

Closed on Mondays.

Stanley Cup Rally was incredible. Kings were truly incredible. As a sports fan, being a Kings fan has been one of the greatest joys in my life. I have had some of my happiest moments in that arena. I assume they will pale in comparison to the moments I am about to have with my first born. But still as far as sports are concerned, the best. Honestly, the five Lakers championships that I can remember were not half as close to as good. Not because I'm not as big as a Lakers fan, but because the nature of this Kings organization. They are the epitome of the underdog that you just can't help but root for. The Lakers have won their championships with the highest payroll when the expectations were that they were supposed to win. Not speaking about 1985, '87 or '88 because I don't remember those because I was too little. And hands down when the Lakers beat the Celtics in 2010 that was the best one, because of the rivalry. But the journey was half as interesting as the Kings road to the championship. The moment that could match it or come close would be a Dodgers World Series. That's the one this city would go absolutely insane over. More than any other team here.

YouTube Daryl Sutter, if you don't like hockey, you'll like his interviews. And on that note, I am a very consistent person, all of my favorite professional coaches are hated for the same exact reasons. Loved by their players and fans, but hated by everyone else. I love the coach that gives the obvious one word answers. Sutter, Belichick, Popovich. These guys are my idols, more than any players. I'm a fan of these coaches and their approach. 

Classic, I hope she saves them forever. 

Until next year…I think they might do it again.