Joey Indrieri: Semi-International Man of Mystery

By garrett

Ran into our good buddy Joey Indrieri the other day outside GTA and decided to have a little impromptu photo shoot. Joey is always representing GLCO hard core to the core in many different ways.

This is Joey rocking his McNairy #3 frames lookin' straight boss.

You might remember Hagop from that one time that we blogged about his art. Best dudes.

Joey and his vintage falcon bike with his vintage clip-on sunglasses.

Joey is so awkward that we can let the photos speak for themselves.

Also, Joey's hands play a major role in explaining to you what he is trying to say. They are basically a second mouth.

Case and point, here he is explaining (flirting) something to Meggie.


Last year Joey wrote and directed a film for GLCO called Heading Weast. Check it out by clicking right HERE