January B'days

By Tiffany

Whenever I think of bdays I think of Beyonce's album, B'day. Which I may or may not have mentioned in a GLCO company newsletter at one time... #throwback

Aaaaanyway, speaking of the company, last week we decided to gather 'round and celebrate our January birthdays for Amber, Adrian, and Courtney!

The decked out cake, in GLCO colors. Bomb. 

Angie, who planned this whole party solo. Geez, talk about TALENT. A huge thank you.

The inevitable choice you'll always come across in SoCal: red sauce or green sauce? Both? 

LOS TACOS HERMANOS. An absolute godsend of a place, only a couple blocks from us and serving up killer tacos, mulitas, and even burgers (though we've yet to try those). 

Charisse proudly sporting her pins, which rightfully include a taco for the occasion as well as a custom, DIY'd-by-Charisse "KILL YOURSELF!!" pin. Sass master.

Fun fact: we usually do a birthday quiz with trivia from all the birthday folks. This time around we learned that Amber's childhood aspiration for when she grows up is to be a kind person. I think all our hearts melted.  

On another note, here we see Garrett & Elena's new pup, Happy! Every day he comes in becomes a Happy one. Haha in this photo he looks kinda...smug and smirky, like he's pushing himself away. But really, he's a super sweet pup. 

Proof that Jen Diaz was pretty much nailing a lot of the questions on the quiz. I mean, she's fist-pumping in both photos. As for myself, I only got like 6 questions right. Sorry. Some of them threw me off, okay??

Adrian, the bday boy of the day. (Who will never talk behind anyone's back, as we learned from the bday quiz.)

Victor, who started with us only a couple months ago, ended up taking home the (figurative) cake and won for most answers correct. Dude, you're a boss. 

Because you know what? We ended up having a part 2 of the quiz, which was ridiculously hard because you had to match up historical events with people's birth dates. I didn't even try for that one. And even Adam, our resident historian (and Marketing Manager) didn't win...... but guess who did? Victor – AGAIN. Told you he was a boss. 

Here's Elena freaking out in disbelief:    

We ended up doling out the second prize to the runner ups, in which Garrett & Darroll were tied for. What followed was an intense rock paper scissors match. Also pictured below are our new team members, Courtney (left) and Carla (right) – welcome btw!

Well that's it for this month. Stay tuned for next month's edition of Bdays. Not by Beyonce, though. (Though Beyonce, if you're reading this, you're totally welcome to come by. Anytime.)