Central Coast Christmas

By Garrett

We decided to wait to show you the Central Coast Christmas trip from Helen & Molly Steele because we felt the glasses featured were too irresistible and weren't going to be available until now. The drive along the coast between San Luis Obispo and Santa Cruz is widely considered one of the most beautiful coastal drives in the world. And while most of us were cuddling up in front of Christmas trees with our families, these two non-native Californians decided to switch it up and take a beautiful camping trip along the coast. While I may never think up the idea myself, I have to say I'm jealous.

This looks like a Slim Aarons photograph.

Molly Steele in Kinney Sun in the new color for Spring, Leight Beige. Still uncertain about my idea of the play on words, but you gotta have fun sometimes.

Slingshot: Made or Found?

The Christmas Road Less Traveled.

This is the reason why we didn't want to post this too soon. The new Van Buren Sun is too irresistible. Elena and I dreamed up a way of offering the harding lens shape in a new way. We stripped it down and added windsor rims with flat lenses for a completely new look. Arguably our best work yet.

Molly in Van Buren which will be available on the web store next week.

That burger looks really familiar, it almost looks like a Hinano burger.

If that's where they got the burger then I don't know it.

Brooks Sun in grey fade is a classic.

Looks like the perfect end to a fantastic Christmas holiday.