By garrett

At the end of the day, most designers have to look to the past to lay the path for the future. The key is combining all the elements that make your brand original and injecting them into the design to make your interpretation as original and unique as possible. In our case, the goal is to maintain a classic aesthetic, which creates a welcoming challenge, which to me is what makes the job fun.

For me the best way to get inspired is to look to some of my favorite icons. Whether based on their style or simply their character and what they stood for. I don't necessarily tie myself down to an era or a theme. We pull from many creative characters from all walks of life.  This post specifically showcases some of the most powerful individuals from our past and their strong sense of style, especially with their glasses.

If you are also inspired by iconic people throughout history, send us your photos to info@garrettleight.com or hashtag #glcoicons . Lets share the inspiration.




Helmut Newton

Jean Shrimpton

Jean Shrimpton

Keith Moon Standing with Warthog Head

Keith Moon

Marianne Faithfull Leaves Court

Marianne Faithful


Jean Luc-Godard


Malcolm X


Verna Lisi