Hot Dogs In Paradise

By garrett

Last week the city of Los Angeles was graced with the presence of Mr. Mad Professor. A living legend of true Jamaican dub music.  For years the Dub Club at the Echo in Echo Park has absolutely brought the heat for true reggae fans. Thanks to this weekly wednesday event and the guys that run it I've had the pleasure of seeing the likes of Michael Rose, Shinehead, Winston Jarrett, Scientist, Barrington Levy, and now the professor.

The true dub heads of Los Angeles were most likely in attendance and had the pleasure of enjoying an absolutely fantastic set. Those of you that might be interested in what this is all about, I suggest youtubing it. Because its not likely you will get to this legend in your city. Sorry, thats just the truth.

That said, in a way, at least from a photographic perspective, the hot dog totally stole the show.

Its been a while since I've been anywhere near the Hollywood night life, but back in the day I've been know to throw back a dozen of these bacon wrapped mustard and onion drenched bad boys.


Gluten diet and all, we had to take it down!


A photo shoot ensued...


If you are ever in LA, you should definitely try one of these.

Moon and Nishi.

Appropriate eyeball shot.

Whitney of Nasty Gal and Nishi.

And we out.