Helen Says, "Surf's Up Rio!"

By helen

Life according to Helen:

Headed to Prainha beach to check out the surf in Rio.  Prainha Beach is a secluded half-moon-shaped beach, bordered on each side by rocks and high cliffs. It is one of the best surfing spots in Rio, and may be reached by car or by the orange "surf bus" that passes through Copacabana and Ipanema. We met with our friend Mariana Consort for a stroll on the beach and a quick hike and surf.

I want one!

A sneak peak into a new collab frame GLCO is dropping this May with some of the bros from Malibu.

Mari is wearing  Machado's with custom mirrored lenses.

Antartica beer, fried sardines and crab cake.

Mari caught  a nice right...