Hagop Belian

By helen

There's definitely no lack of inspiration, creativity, or art in general for that matter in Venice, California. Hagop Belian has been one of the friendly faces of Abbot Kinney since I can remember. Hagop is an Armenian artist born in Syria, but moved to the US twelve years ago and started creating his art after finishing High School. 

Believe it or not, somehow he has managed to apply his degree in mathematics to not only his life but also his art. His style mixes a variety of mediums, from paintings to found objects to drawings and collages. Constantly inspired by colors, feelings, and music,  Hagop is one of those guys that contaminates you with a rush of good energy. He is never not smiling.

We decided to stop by his Venice home to see what he's been working on. You can check some of it out right here, but a whole lot more of it on his website MadeOfHagop.com 

Check out his site here and remember to support local artists!