Greg & Diana & Another Kind of Sunrise

By garrett

Helen went to visit her dear and talented friends who have just embarked on their new endeavor, Another Kind of Sunrise. Check out their website by clicking here , which links to their social media, which shows you a little of what they do.

Previous to their latest venture, I know that Greg was touring in Devendra Banhart's band and is an extremely talented musician who still tours and writes amazing music, recently in a musical project with the band Zavalaz. Greg's partner in crime is Diana, a Mexico native is an actress, artist,  makes conscientious delicious food, and just exudes extravagance on a daily basis.

We fully support this new Abbot Kinney business and we think you should too.  This is what Abbot Kinney has always been about, true locals starting business in their own community.  We've seen a major change in our hood over the past 10 years, and its important that we continue to support those young entreprenuers that have the balls to get up and take a chance. Mazel Tov!