GQ: Find the Perfect Glasses for Your Face

Let's be real: finding a perfect pair of frames for yourself isn't easy. After all, they're the accessory that people look at when they talk to you, and they're the lens you see the world through. So in short: the pressure to find a good pair is real. Now, how do you sift through all of the 'Find the Perfect Frames for Your Face Shape' articles to get at some sound advice?

Lucky for you and me, Garrett recently met up with GQ's Will Welch to generously condense his years of experience into a few bit-sized but super helpful tips so that you too can develop an eye for what kind of frames will work. No need to just read about this though – you can see Garrett's magic at work in the vid below, with frames modeled by some of the most stylish gentlemen we know: Bloomingdale's Josh Peskowitz, Saturdays Surf's Josh Rosen, Street Etiquette's Josh Kissi, and menswear consultant/street style god Nick Wooster. Ladies, don't miss out! This video is more than just good-looking guys modeling frames. Really, these sartorial tips apply to all. 

Watch this on The Scene.

Garrett wearing the Grant with some tinted lenses. About to dive into a serious sunglass sesh.

Josh Peskowitz wearing the Grant as well, sans tint. 

Josh Rosen wearing the Bryn Mawr sunglass. Super classic. 

Mixing it up with some metals: Nick Wooster in the Wilson M

Josh Kissi outfitted with some gold accents à la the Wilson sunglass.