By Garrett

I'm perfectly fine with being a Los Angeles sports lover and a Dodgers non-believer or arguably "hater." Don't get me wrong, I love my Dodgers, as much as I love my Lakers, Kings, and (control your emotions) Patriots. There's nothing I love more than a good ole' baseball game. Reference my latest post for more on that. I love baseball, It's just that I don't believe in the Dodgers. They cut me too deep, and too often for me to emotionally invest in them. So call me band wagon, or whatever you want, because that's L.A. right? When the time comes that they actually are in a position to do something, I will be the their biggest fan, but until that moment, I'm going to doubt, because low expectations are better for the soul. Especially when its not something I can control. And without turning this into a sports blog, I will quickly say, when your team has the highest salary in baseball (close to it) and the players run around the field dumping water on each other every time someone does something marginally great, you just start to question their professionalism. I blame it on Donny Baseball. Ok, I've said my piece, now I will go on enjoying a handful of stadium visits this season and I hope it ends with a few overpriced visits to the World Series, because the only thing that makes you forget the price tag on a World Series ticket is a victory…oh wait I wouldn't know. 

Special thanks to Kelsey Offield for these incredible tickets. I did get to witness a victory, and I also got to eat three hot dogs. 

As well as watch Kershaw and the boys of summer act like fools in the dugout. And gab it up with the one and only Adam Mars.

If your confused why everyone is number 42, the Dodgers were celebrating Jackie Robinson, as was every team in baseball, and rightfully so.

See Dodger Dog proof. I have a strategy, I always go for 3. I eat one every three innings. The first one is ketchup, mustard, and relish. Second one is just mustard, and the third one is plain. Honestly, plain is my favorite, underrated, no one realizes. Plus it's nostalgic for me, that's what I did when I was a kid.

Until next time Los Doyers!!