By garrett

Its crazy how far this brand/business and team has come. I swear its the biggest blur you can ever experience. Everything feels like yesterday and at the same time a lifetime ago since certain things happened. I wanted to make sure we captured this moment in the last few weeks in our temporary office space downtown. It has been an interesting journey since 1637 Electric and now 440 Seaton Street. Most of these people in this picture can say they've experienced both. As we've grown we've managed to keep the family atmosphere and maintain a solid team comraderie by sharing a common goal of being the best and keeping our passion for the brand and our jobs and respecting each other. I genuinely believe that everyone of these individuals loves this company and in every situation wants GLCO to be the best. Thats what will make the future bright as we soon embark on our new journey in our permanent space at 2301 7th Street. Here we come, and you ain't seen nothing yet.

From Top Left: Adrian, Alen, Shaun, Me, Heather

Second Row: Lynn, Chayse, Angie, Jen

Seated: Sherry, Mario, Elena, Jordan

Not Pictured: Mark, Karena, Shane, Jenny Goods, Jemma, Helen, Gaelle, Adrian, & Bobby

Jordan brought his broke ass polaroid.


The Duke


Cheisenberg (like the breaking bad)

Angie Headphonez

Al Capone

Super Mario

Double S

Young Genius

Chi Town Jen

Ms. Ali

Hell Cat

The GLCO Crew