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By chayse

"Heading Weast" a short film by Joey Indrieri

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Garrett Leight California Optical is proud to premiere this short film as well as additional original content produced by the Garrett Leight California Optical team.

Join us Sunday April 7th from 2-4 pm  at the Aero Theatre on Montana Ave for this exclusive premiere.

1328 Montana Ave

Santa Monica, CA 90403

Please to confirm your attendance as space is limited and we expect a full house!

Garrett Leight California Optical Vision for the Soul: Heading Weast

Venice, Ca: This spring Garrett Leight California Optical will release the first video in its campaign to partner with inspirational and soulful individuals. Partnering with passionate people and creating something beautiful- whether it is a video, a catalog, or a great frame is the Garrett Leight California Optical objective. These films are for the epic icons and the equally epic but less celebrated soldiers of creativity that roam our world.

The first video by Venice local film maker Joey Indrieri, is called “Heading Weast,” and is about a man in the midst of a metamorphosis. It takes the viewer on a journey through the unknown, the unique, the insignificant. It’s about finding the right in a wrong decision. The video portrays an almost dream-like state wherein the imagination can run free. Indrieri states that if there was a tagline it would read, “life is what you hold onto, until…you let go. It is about indecision and the path that it leads to.”

Leight contributes to this project and supports the filmmakers by sharing their vision with a more widespread audience. This video is the first in a series of upcoming collaborations in which filmmakers will be able to express their vision and create a story for everyone to see. “Whether we create the content ourselves or we partner with individuals that encompass the spirit that inspires the brand, our brand is about spreading the word that everything has a soul, and we value creativity and are inspired by soulful individuals.”

Garrett Leight California Optical will premiere “Heading Weast” April 7th at the Aero Theatre on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica.