GLCO Lanes

By Garrett

The GLCO bowling night has become quite the tradition. Every year in the beginning of the year we gather to duke it out for best in class. This year was a blast with many of the same faces and some new ones. I have to admit, I experienced a bit of a fall from grace this year as Bobby Valentine topped me for best overall score. I can live with it as I've improved my sportsmanship over the years. But I will come firing back next year by putting in some hours to try to hit that 200 mark. 158 was just not good enough this time. According to Shaun who once bowled a 250 in front of my eyes, the lanes we go to are terrible because you can't slide on them. So, if it wasn't for that I guess Shaun would consistently win.

That said, we actually break it out as a team event. There is no prize for individual high score, just a lot of pride behind it.

To my surprise Mario is never amongst the leading scorers, but he is a good teammate and the lead candidate for best at ordering drinks!

Also, to my surprise, I think Lynn is best female bowler, in terms of consistency anyway. Always above the 100 mark. Jen Diaz might beg to differ here.

Yes I did bust out the robot in case you were wondering.

Darrol showing off his skills and holding it down for the planning department.

He looks like he might not be a good bowler, but truth is, he is a smooth criminal. He bowls with style and earned himself the top score.

Jennie the ex softball player has got skills, even though she is quite humble about her athletics.

# 1 and # 2

Heather is pretty consistent as well. And that's Zach Weir and he's back!

Welcoming Charisse Brown to the team as our new A/R coordinator. I didn't get to see her bowl at all, but I did notice that she had 6 gutter balls in a row, which arguably would be harder than 6 strikes if you were trying hard at both.

This is what happens when you take the camera out of Helen's hand.

No shame in Angie's game, two hands all day!

The duke with the ballerina throw.

This was Adrian's first time ever bowling, and of course he was on my team, I guess I could have been more supportive of that. He tried his best :)

Welcoming J.R. Weinberg to the team, our new Planning Director. Laser focus.

"Fuck You Ball," said Julie Moon.

I also landed Bruce Littel, our Finance Director, on my team, which I thought would be money in the bank...

"Shaka bra. Check out my overalls!"

Lynn Plummer form.

Now I know we are a fashionable team, but style of the night went to the Japanese lady bowling beside us. Killing it.

250 style with Shaun Scopinich 

Well, Bobby was the only retail employee who could attend, so with his high score, his department technically won. But gotta shout out Planning with the above 100 average. Marketing almost made it there.  And Finance brought up the rear…yikes?

The winning team was Bobby, Elena, & Shaun, which looking back on makes sense. Shaun and Bobby will have to be split up next time. 

Good times…good times…good times.