GLCO Holiday Party

By Rachel

You know you're at a legit party if the cops show up. Or at least, in our case, firemen. Even though they were responding to our measly fire pit smoke, yes, for the record, firemen were dispatched to our Holiday Party, which is especially epic. It's January and we're still talking about it.

Here's what happens when GLCO employees mix tacos, churros and champagne and then toss around a few disposables:

Tacoman Jaime feeding the hungry folk.

Special guest Claas (Specs Berlin) perfecting his Blue Steel.

Who brought this guy?

Bésame. Bésame Muchooooooooo.

Shaun will forever be referred to as t'he dude who brought TWO dates'.

Mamacitas nuevas!

Smokin' hot! Tacos. Smokin' hot tacos.

Again, who invited that guy?

Reppin' the retail!

Is there something you're not telling us, Heather?

Looking sharp, ladies!

The team keeps growing and growing! Cheers to an awesome 2015 and an even better 2015.  We'll get the cops to shut down next year's party...