GLCO goes to Japan

By elena

Twice a year, we travel to Japan to meet with our accounts and manufacturers, and allow ourselves to explore an incredibly unique place where elegant design is just as much an institution as other sacred traditions. Japanese people always astound me with their generosity, kindness, and inherent honor in the way by which they live their lives.  Everything from the bus ride from the airport to the presentation of your dinner has been (designed/ created) with thoughtfulness.Tokyo is always an amazing thrill: large and blinking advertisements, stores stacked upon more stores, the constant hum of the efficient ebb and flow of the people swarming in lines on the sidewalks.

All of the eyewear manufacturing is a half day train ride north of Tokyo in Sabae City and Fukui. One of our small factories, located in the countryside of Fukui, along side rice fields and acres of farms, is made up of a 14 person team. In the 3,000 square foot factory, an entire frame can be cut, hand beveled, and polished.

When we visit our factories, we can see every detail and nuance of our drawings brought to life.  It is a truly humbling experience watching our calculations and flourishes take form by these artisans that craft each individual piece, a world away from sunny California.