GLCO Gifting Suite at The Belmont

By garrett

On the final day we experimented with a little gifting suite in conjunction with Red Bull Sound Select at the Belmont. Was pretty cool to get the opportunity to hang out with some of the performing musicians and talk to them about GLCO and what we are all about. Thi sis something we've never done before, and it was awesome to see how grateful these up and coming musicians were. Everyone from Sleigh Bells, to Twin Shadow, to Odd Future came through and everyone was really grateful, respectful and interested in hearing about GLCO. Was quite the success. Special thanks to Collette from Red Bull and the rest of the team for being great hosts and putting on a classy event.

This was the GLCO display in the gifting suite. We also handed out our latest edition of Spectacle 3 which will go fully pubic at the end of next week. We will let you know a handful of locations you can pick up a copy for yourself.

Bruce Lee was not in attendance.

Shay Maria is cool and crazy and fun and now looks good in GLCO sunglasses.

Kinda bummed I didn't get one of these posters! Collette?!!?

Twin Shadow Soundcheck was pretty cool.

This artist from Inglewood looked amazing in Harding, super nice guy.

I'm glad I brought Rialto in the Rose Pedal Drift. They ladies loved it.

Made some new Nebraska friends.

Probably the most memorable band name.

Didn't have much gas in the tank for the evening event, but did at least make it to the Twin Shadow show, which was very very good indeed. They are killing it right now.

And that was a wrap on SXSW x GLCO. Was off to Phoenix for a weekend of sun, hot dogs, beer, and baseball.