GLCO Frame Fitting

Last weekend we did a ton of fittings for two upcoming shoots we have here at GLCO. One for E-commerce and one for our upcoming Fall collection. Lots of editing newness coming from our camp over the next few months. I highly suggest staying tuned, as it's about to get exciting. 

Lots of Layered Mirrors coming soon...

I met three of my friends/models at my store in Venice for a fitting last weekend. First up was Ceara, who we did a shoot with about three years back. 

She's got quite the glasses face. Also, here's a sneak peak at a new frame coming out this fall, Valita.

Needless to say, she got the gig.

Lockland is a model in the making. 

Michael Brunswick stopped by, but not for a fitting.

A major friend of the family, Joey Indrieri, came and shared his beautiful face.

And fell in love with a new frame coming out this fall, Wellesley.

Then Stephanie came by, who will be featured in a new photo shoot we did in Silver Lake as well as featured in our first official mailer in the GLCO email campaigns coming soon. I am very excited to share that starting next week.

@stevenfulloffaith just hanging out.

Until next time…..