Gjelina & GLCO

By garrett

Lets take a look inside this building at some of the soulful individuals we have in our own community. Gjelina, 1429 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice, Ca. 90291


Icons don't always have to be viewed in such an epic manner. Often here at GLCO we say that we are inspired by Icons. But we also say that we are inspired by soul. Plenty of people around us have soul if you are looking for it. When I opened my store on Abbot Kinney in 2009, it was the people of Venice that inspired me to start my own collection. Venetians have the most original style that tends to fly under the radar, because they choose to be that way. I drew a lot of my inspiration from the style of the people that worked at the restaurant next to my store, A. Kinney Court.  At that time these people would come in wearing their own cool vintage frames that they either got at a flea market or from their grandparents, or wherever. They would come in and talk to me about frames and what kind of styles they liked and what they were looking for.

Fast forward four years later and a lot of those same people are now proudly repping GLCO frames on a daily basis. To me, these people have iconic style. They may not yet have the epic life story of a Hunter S. Thompson or Arthur Miller, but they are building their life story, and to me thats soulful.


Travis is a man of many pairs of GLCO glasses and the world loves to eat them. Which must not be a coincidence. Travis has a knack for feeding the world incredible things.


I love this light colored honey tortoise on Rachel. We don't make this frame anymore because it only worked on a certain skin tone. I would say her skin tone is the one it works on.


Dom bugged me forever about how it was really hard for him to find optical frames that fit him. He would constantly bring in his grandfathers vintage sunglasses for repair and new lenses. He was always very spirited about rare sunglasses finds that he found online.  Then one day he decided to get himself a pair of opticals and within minutes he decided the small Hamptons fit him perfect. I was shocked, he built himself up and made me believe it would be impossible for him to find a frame. Great choice in the end.


I'll never forget when Nicole first came in and she had a super old American Optical frame. It was falling apart and she wanted to fix it up and put her prescription in it. She was one of our first customers and she wasn't even working at Gjelina at that time, she was over at Intelligentsia.  Do you still have those glasses Nicole?


Spencer was an early adopter and we shot him in our first catalogue. You've seen him in and around the GLCO family for years.


Peter in Rialto.


Mike has been wearing Brooks since before he started working at Gjelina. I love this frame on him.


Annie makes Rialto oversize look perfect.


Thanks Venice.