Future Eyes

By Garrett

We met with our artist friend Brent Paul Pearson to talk about Future Eyes. Brent was born in NY and moved to LA at age 7. His inspiration, aspirations and vision for Future Eyes was to create forms to connect with the future through crystal vision and electromagnetic spectrum combined with brain function and feelings. All to experience the moment in multidimensional realities, bringing unique possibilities.

He also mentions that our conscious sensory exploration and exercising our senses will speed awareness into the body.

"Everyone is a prophet and we are creating the future."  Check Brent's site here.

Brent looking great in Wilson Matte Black

Tawnya futuristic eyes in Harding  

Brent looking good in Helen's van...

Brent kaleidoscopic vision in Wilson 

Hey, we have some frames coming out in that color, we call it pink blush.

Probably looks like thousands of little bread and butters.

A little lunch merchandising.


Thats trippy!

Tawnya future vision in Kinney 

Cheers to future vision!