Four Years on Abbot Kinney Blvd.

By garrett

Once again a sincere thank you to everyone that made out to our shop, A. Kinney Court on Abbot Kinney Blvd. to celebrate our 4 year anniversary and the launch of Spectacle Magazine. The feedback seems consistent, the beer was flowing, the food was good, and the crowd was fun, thats all we could ask for. I'm glad everyone enjoyed themselves.

Tofer Chin Art Installation freshened up the store big time!

Karena AKA K Bearz has basically been there since the beginning, joining the team in June of 2010, only 8 months into the journey.

Glad the neighboring local business owners could come and support. This is Mr. Christopher Rosen from Guild.

New employee Parveen is a merchandiser at heart.

Sita Young was in our first ever photo shoot.

From Left: Anais & Dax, Ian Flanigan x 2, Anais & Dax, Steven Taylor.

Dj Heidi always brings it, and has been an integral of the courtyard parties for 4 solid years.

Need I say more? La Isla Bonita, truly the best ever.

Hi Mom and Dad, I'd say I owe a fair amount of our success to the genes in these two.

The Cahen Sisters.

On the right, photographer Ian Flanigan.

Elena and Austin.

Adrian was there Day 1, pictured here with DJ Allen Voskanian.

Justina on the far left....and now I start to not know people, excuse me if you don't get a shout out....

Bobby V, the man at GLCO La Brea.

Kana M. you can read our recent blog about her.

Nikki from Gotta Have It, with friends.

Alex Long and Erica Fairchild (simply the best!)

The man about town Spencer Falls. This picture says it all, he's got the GLCO Wilson on, eating the best ceviche tostada ever, with his free Heineken, and the custom John Antoski print. Thats kinda what the party was all about.

Some McAullife's

Noah and Natalie. Words can't describe.

The Fairlchild family got some incredible genes. Damn!!!!

Jessica Sutherland and  Nick

Dustin and El Jefe Hastings

Not sure...

The infamous Jay Zaretsky and the beautiful Jessica Garber...and Amanda.

GLCO Operator Heather E and her husband Jason Eisner.

Representing the Spectacle photographers.

More Venetians.

Katie D and AD

DJ Heidi knows how to Play in LA.

My cousin Shelby on the far right with boyfriend Ali and friends.

Tofer Chin knocked it out of the park with his install.

Beti and Mary Rose

Anais/Dax & Christina Dunlap

Team GLCO Charles from right, Lynn Middle, and Asaf Left.

My mom with her friends Karina and Brian. Michael Dumler with the homies Ariel and Mick.

Mr. John Antoski provided the amazing custom print of La Isla Bonita.

Michelle Newman and friend.

Dukes of Chutney's Dustin Lynn and friends.


GLCO Jr. Graphic Designer Alen just came on full time!

Jordan loves Mark Gainor

La Brea store manager Jemma made it to the event wisdom teeth pulled and all.

The homies from the Lovely Daze.


Aya Nishimura!!!!

Amy Hoban.

Moon Man. Lucky. Smiley Gal.

Lauren Paez has amazing style and is the shit. basically.

E Ruhle and Hussssy Mendelson in the house!

Gotta love Drew Lumsden and Joey Indrieri, if you don't you are wierd. I'm sorry but its true.

The Brazillian Fonsecas! Caro and Bro.

Ladies and Gentleman, introducing Chris Barnes and Brian Peterson.

Beth knows how to work the cam.

Our Social Media Manager Karri Northrop on the right with her husband Ian and friend.

Cool glasses dude, but I don't know you.

Sorry for pointing but thats Mathieu Schreyer. Come on man!

Ethan Lovell, SALES!!! Inside jokes suck on public forums, I know.

Ms. Kiki Casillas and friend.

Becca Moon made it to the party, that was unbelievable!

GLCO Marketing Man Michael Reynolds with the one and only Chayse Cohen.

Kiki and Omer, the little lovers moving to Panama.

Of course my wife Marina Tia Leight.

And all the party peoples, thank you!!!