Fight Night @ Florentine Gardens

By garrett

The weekend got off to an early and great start with a full night of boxing at the Florentine Gardens in Hollywood, Ca. The main attraction for me was my first Kid Yamaka fight. If you had the opportunity to experience our latest edition of Spectacle Magazine, then you may have read a little bit about local Los Angeles professional boxer Zachary Wohlman. Pictured on the far right in the picture below.

Arsen and Greg were there from Hall of Fame.

Ron and Son were in the building from Ronson Comedy Club.

Yamaka came out to Otis Redding - A Change is Gonna Come, which was by far the best entry song. everything else was predictable modern rap songs.

For the best account of this fight check out the blog of Peter Politanoff.

In a bit of a dogfight, Wohlman was the victor in a majority decision.

Check out this heavyweight Prince Charles Martin if you have a chance.