FH/15 E-Comm BTS

By Emily

Most people are still coming to terms with the idea of shopping for eyewear online. Without the physical frames to try on, you’re pretty much flying blind – and even though our virtual try-on comes close, nothing beats just seeing how the frames sit on a face in real life. 

Since the 
new season is upon us, we decided to gather some of our favorite pretty people and update the product pages with some fresh frames and faces. This means we stay late, blast tunes, order pizza and transform the office into a photo studio. Essentially instead of overtime this shoot feels like a game of dress up. Let’s see how many different frames Spencer can look good in. Oh wait, all of them? Some people just have it all, don't they!

Denim on denim. We kept the wardrobe pretty simple for our product pages. Can’t have any wild patterns distracting from the frames.

Spot the Garrett. Who else would participate in a virtual scavenger hunt to see how many Garretts they can find?

Keeping the frames organized is a must. There's nothing worse than trying to fit a size 47 on a size 49'er. 

Our model Liz had the smize down perfectly, but we don’t mind having a bit of fun here and there.

Above, one of our new hires Maddie added model to her job description by sitting in on our e-comm shoot.

Below, a few more outtakes.

And that’s a wrap. Until next season, GLCO out!