FH/15: Behind The Scenes

By Garrett and Adam

June Gloom is very real in Los Angeles. It may be the only season that actually looks like fall. Grey skies and morning drizzles set up unpredictable afternoons of rain, sunshine or anything in between. If you’ve ever shot a fall campaign in Los Angeles, then you know the challenge of capturing the season. And if you know anything about Los Angeles, then you know the challenge of even defending their existence. 

In fact, being the hometown obsessed Angeleno that I am, my description of June Gloom probably doesn’t represent fall weather anywhere else. Nonetheless, we gathered on this gloriously cloudy June afternoon at the historic American Cement Building in the heart of Los Angeles to show you our view from the 2015 Fall Holiday Garrett Leight California Optical collection. And then the sun came out. Much like the weather, we were feeling frisky this season, with rich hues and color combinations that present our favorite and featured styles in unfamiliar yet reminiscent ways. Temples that fade from crystal to tortoise and laminated acetates highlight the collection; the ever-popular indigo comes to life in acetate form with new Clark and classic Milwood frames. Much to the chagrin of LA’s “seasons,” I feel a change in the air and I see change on the horizon. The days of basic acetate shapes and simple tortoises are dwindling. It’s time for a mix-up, and we are certainly headed that way. As always, sit back, relax and enjoy this glimpse of what it all looked like.

From the outside, the façade of the American Cement Building is a latticework of precast concrete X’s, a synthesis of structural support and sculptural beauty, where art and engineering intersect. Right below us is Wilshire, the boulevard to the sea, and MacArthur Park, with its diverse mix of hipsters, homeless, immigrants and junkies, once a playground of the elite and battleground of the drug wars. That’s the thing about LA: there’s so much to it, you just need to know where to look and how to see. For this campaign we opted for models shot in natural light; the people and styles of Venice superimposed over the history and textures of Downtown. The authentic and the artificial reveal the city we all know and the place we all imagine.

Stay tuned -- it's only a couple more months till you'll see the full picture of our take on Fall.