FH-14 Release Party

By Garrett

Last week's Fall Holiday party was a major success. Special thanks to everyone that came out and all of our sponsors and performers and everyone that made this party a reality. First and foremost the biggest kudos goes out to the people on our team, Rachel, Misty, and Julie who man handled all week and labored away all night at the party to help make all of this possible. Special thanks to our sponsors, Cheerwine, Heineken, Scribe Winery, Jose Cuervo, Sailor Jerry & Sol Republic. Thanks to the special creative people tat gave the party life. Joey Indrieri and his epic film, The Cycle. Mark McNairy and the charity event for Eyes for the Needy. Glasses gifted from Snoop Dogg, J Lo, Pharrell, Pusha T, Lori Petty and others. Thanks to you were able to raise money for those in need. Special thanks to our fabulous performers, The Mattson 2, Caroline Vreeland and Lia Ices. Such an amazing experience to have you guys showcasing your talents. Thanks to TacoMan Jaime. Thanks to Bobby & Jason for manning the shop in shop and telling the GLCO story. Thanks to Rony's Photo Booth. Thanks to Helen. I'm sure I'm forgetting people, it takes all of this and more. Oh…thanks to the wonderful Alex Long and Your Little Local and all the boys at PSS Design Cult, we couldn't have done it without you.

Check out highlights from the evening below.

Photos by: Brittany Soohoo of Ronys PhotoBooth   

I don't remember giving this speech or what I said.

You know tacos are amazing when they shove them in grease right in front of your face and just say, "deal with it."

Me and the Mrs.

My Mom.

Phil & McNasty


Spec 4 on the newsstand designed and crafted by PSS Design Cult

Rachel killing it regularly.

Bobby V & JC

Vreeland & Camsterdam

We will be releasing the Cycle soon for your viewing pleasure. Featuring Justin Chatwin, Addison Timlin and Directed by Joey Indrieri. So many other important involved in making this a reality.

J Dogg & me.

Don't know them but they got the tortoise shell GLCO x Sol Republic headphones on.

Marina, Lia Ices, & Lynn Plummer.

Arga Yudhistira and Henry Mendez from Vintage Manifesto

Charity Glasses.

Michelle looking fabulous. 

bros killed it, "yyyyeeewwwwwww!!!"

Ms. Vreeland

Lia Ices & Co.

Amber is family. Check out Again Apparel.

Julia, Moon Man, Carley

Bob, Lauren, Gavin, Justin, Susan, so much family in this photo.

Mutha Fucking Kid Yamaka. Best dude. Hope he knocks next guy out, I'll be there.

Alexander Geyman 

Love Story = Josh & Neva.

Joe Fotheringham from Acquire Magazine

Alex & Danielle forever.

The homie from Barney's, Manny J Style.

Gainor x Osamu collection coming soon.