February Press : GQ & Esquire

By garrett

This February was arguably the biggest month for GLCO in terms of PR. Figured we could re-live this awesome moment one more time before we move onto March. The Esquire thing was so beyond amazing and humbling. When I was asked to do this, I kind of envisioned it as like a 2 page feature where there would be 20 cut out photos of the different influential men. I figured they would dedicate maybe the following 20 pages to Justin Timberlake and Pharrell and go that route. It was unbelievably flattering as well as exciting to open the magazine to discover this. It's been an exciting journey and I hope that this is barely just the beginning. I really love this company and think that we have built something uniquely special. Something that you only read about in tech magazines, where innovative companies are finding creative ways to not only grow their company but keep their employees engaged, having fun, and most importantly happy. I feel we've built something special that perfectly combines hard work and play. And if there is anything that makes me "Great," it would be whatever I did to help us get to that place. So a major thank you to Esquire for acknowledging that and I hope we are able to continue to do great things.

Let's not forget one of our biggest supporters over the past 3 years…GQ Magazine. This was an awesome feature in this month's issue. Great styling and an even more awesome cover, per usual.

Lets move on to March!