February B'days

By Tiffany

True to my word, here's the February edition of our unofficial B'days series. This month we celebrated the b'days of Adam (Marketing Manager) and Sarah (Design Assistant), as well as Mario's work anniversary. 

Here's Adam blowing out them candles. He's the guy you can learn a fact a day from – like a living, breathing, walking History Channel basically. How does he do it? Where does all this trivia come from? HOW DOES ONE ATTAIN ALL THAT KNOWLEDGE? I have no idea. He could probably tell you.

I needed to take a picture of the cake so Charisse put the candles back. Because friends help friends take pictures of cakes. 

Speaking of cakes, this one's from Ralph's and it was like... really good. Pleasantly surprised. Do yourself a favor and get yourself one when you can. 

Our usual birthday quiz, which left us guessing when we really didn't need to. (All the answers were in a pattern: Adam's answer first, then Sarah's.) There's Darroll in the background, probably thinking "This quiz is a mess."

Bruce trying to cheat over Heather's shoulder. Heather's like, No way dude.

Mario hard at work on thiz quiz. If you're looking for someone who knows about work ethic and keeping a good attitude through everything, this is your guy. 

And of course, the birthday girl! Whom I sat next to and forgot to take a picture of. So here she is now. Consolation picture!

That's it for this month. We'll be back in March with more. Gotta celebrate those around you, y'know?