Farewell Hollywood Park

By garrett

Welcome to 2014. Lets start by reviewing a few of the things we did over break. There were many Los Angeles holiday moments to be had, and now its back to the grind. Looking forward to embarking on 2014 with you.

One of the most memorable moments to cap off the 2013 year was, saying farewell to Hollywood Park. Just before Christmas Hollywood had its final day in the sun, 75 years after its opening in 1938. Hard to believe that its gone so abruptly. I remember my tennis coach taking me here after tennis practice when I was just 13 years old. It was my first real exposure to the degenerate gambling lifestyle that existed so magnificently at Hollywood Park.  HP was the juxtaposition of everything that LA is, a sort of metaphor for why I love Los Angeles. Later in life, when I fell in love with the writing of Charles Bukowski I was introduced yet again to the intricate beauty of Hollywood Park.

Thanks for the memories HP, you will truly be missed, I can't imagine what all those lovely lonely old men are going to do without their horses and $2 beers and chili dogs.

Jeff Hastings had a very clear list of what he wanted to accomplish on this final day at the race track.

Unfortunately he only hit one, the solo win. But he also did hit a boxed trifecta, and so did I!

Remember the teachers, Patrick and Ashley.

It was a perfect winter Sunday at the park.

Turns out hitting a PIck 6 is as impossible as it sounds.

Ran in to Omer and Kiki rocking their GLCO sunglasses.

Jeff Hastings shows that Superba is actually a really great frame.

Stick showed up for only one race.

Apparently they are building a housing complex called the Inglewood Renaissance.  Well, future inhabitants of the IR, meet your new enemy, LAX.

Place was packed with people. But they only made it until sundown, the real troopers like myself and Jeff, shut the park down!

This was always my favorite part of coming here when I was kid. I spent nearly the whole time looking at the horses, I knew my coach didn't care about that part as much, but he was sweet enough to always let me look.

I remember the first time I came to the park and my coach let me bet, I won a bunch of money. Looking back on that moment, I wish I would have lost, would have taught me a better lesson sooner.

More to come on the happenings of the holiday vacation in sunny Southern California.