Echo Park Craft Fair

By Tiffany & Elena

Los Angeles is good for many things, among them which include people watching and independent craft fairs. The Echo Park Craft Fair – which takes place in the neighborhood of Echo Park, for all you non-Angelenos – perfectly fits the bill for these two things. At first glance, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of stereotypes in one room: there’s every envy-inducing item you've ever pinned on Pinterest, and every latest LA food/juice/bar trend. The beauty products are beyond sustainable – you could probably eat them and still feel well enough to walk a few more rounds.

But before you bring your mason jar of haterade to sip on as you peruse the aisles, you can't deny the fact that everything is done undeniably well. You want everything. Yeah, especially that glass terrarium, even though a green thumb isn't one of your strengths. (Or maybe that's just me.)

The point is, all the vendors are genuine crafters that are making their craft for reasons beyond a trend. So to answer the age old question, “Does anyone make real sh*t anymore?” Yes, yes they do. Photographic evidence below:  

Floral arrangement from Moon Canyon Flowers – downright dreamy, and so appropriately Southern Californian.

A familiar face cruising the aisles! Zach, our logistics associate, with his gramps and grandma. People who hang with seniors know what's up.

Matthew Ready  fitting one of his hand-made bracelets. Craftsmanship is real, y'all. 

Prints by Hamish Robertson. Fun fact: Elena bought 3. With tones like this, we can see why.

Elena and Natalie Toren with Takashi Kumagai, multi-talented creative director whom they're fans of on Instagram. "You know those moments where you meet someone IRL and you don’t even know where to begin because your only association so far has been through their feed?" So true. If anyone knows what to do in these situations, lmk plz.

The Van Buren looking good. Never hurts to wear shades indoors.

Yuka of Atelier Delphine, based out of downtown LA. Loving that indigo print on the right.

More familiar faces! Good to see the Artigas sisters doin' their thing.

Becca Moon beyond excited about her finds.

Aforementioned finds; worth the excitement indeed.

The lovely Wilson M shades with the magenta layered mirror. Pairing with denim is always a good idea.

Michelle and her daughter, who previously worked with the good folks at Oliver Peoples (Michelle worked there, not her daughter obviously).  

On that note, I'd like to close with a belated Happy Mother's Day to all you mommas. I'm pretty sure any and all mothers reading this are going to be the type of mom that their daughters will look to for style (and eyewear) inspiration as they grow up, so just a warning: prepare to have your closet raided by your kids in the future. 'Til then, I'm sure you can count on the EPCF to stock up on those timeless finds to pass down.