Earl Sweatshirt at SXSW

By garrett

Day 2 we took some time to feel things out around the city and prepare for our first evening out catching some music. Its really hard to get anywhere, but the invention of pedi-cabs changes everything. Our man Ron had a busted toe and crutches, so he pretty much had to pedi everywhere. Not gonna lie, I was into it.

Maybe next year we will check out the film portion of SXSW, I'm down for that.

6th Street was absolutely poppin' at all times. This is about the least crowded I saw it. Probably because it was just before dawn and people were getting ready to go out.

Stick in Brooks HBT.

Kind of strange running into a pig at a BBQ place. But the food was incredible and the pig loved it too, now Ron wants one.

The South does it right.

We went back for seconds.

Was cold but clear, made for pretty skies.

Music is everywhere.

And plenty of weirdness.

We headed over to the Red Bull Sound Select event over at the Belmont. An amazing venue put on by an incredible team of people. Have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised.

This night was an all hip-hop lineup, headlined by Earl Sweatshirt of Odd Future.

Stickelmaniac was stoked.

Lots of activations and stuff.

This was the night that left us hurting for the rest of the trip.


From London to Kansas.

Turn down for what?

Look, we found a baby giraffe.

Special thanks to Collette, an amazing host beyond, beyond.

Earl Sweatshirt


Tyler The Creator

Good times here, but he was later arrested for inciting a riot.

Good night!

See… Weirdness!