Drunk History in Half Moon Bay

By garrett

Its interesting to be at a point in my life where many of my long term friends are doing interesting things with their lives. Back in college I was fortunate enough to be roommates and subsequently friends with Patrick Sullivan and his now wife Ashley.  Patrick and Ashley spent their immediate years out of college teaching english in Korea and Vietnam, but recently returned home to Half Moon Bay to continue their career in the states. Over the years, Patrick and Ashley have single handedly made me realize the value of passionate and quality teachers, especially in a modern world. In fact, Patrick's job is literally teaching teachers how to teach. More specifically teaching them how to use the tools that the modern world has to offer in an effort to make teaching more effective and relevant.

Patrick in his backyard in Half Moon Bay, where he and his wife have really started to settle in.

Their cat Knives is really into camouflage .

And their turtles name is Scout.

Patrick's most recent obsession is his garden, which apparently he cares for much more effectively than Ashley.

And that's how much Ashley cares.

I forget whats in their garden. Lots of good stuff that saves them money and taste delicious....basically.

Patrick thinks the birds from the birdhouse might be getting into the garden, so its up to Knives and his new owl to protect, possibly a scarecrow coming soon.

I pulled his beard 20 times like I was a Boston Red Sox.

Ashley is one of the lucky ones that owns a Kinney Butterscotch since its been out of stock for so long because it was a vintage plastic. But, we managed to replicate it and it will be back in the mix this next spring. So you can expect to see it in a few frames going forward. Rejoice!

His name is Knives after all.

The quote below is the origin of where the band the Doors got their name, based on a book by Aldous Huxley, which itself was a reference to this quote from William Blake. See it all ties back into Venice.

Scout's little house.

Its always a pleasure to catch up with these two and hear all about what they are up to as well as some friends from the past. Some of our friends are doing incredible things for Tesla, scoring on recent Twitter IPO, and changing the world at Google.  Its also always a pleasure to chill out in HMB and watch Derek Waters drunk history with my two favorite people and definitely two favorite teachers!