Downtown Modernism

By Garrett

Last weekend I took a little trip downtown with the family in the sweltering heat to check out what this Downtown Modernism event was all about. Located in deep downtown Los Angeles, possibly also known as South DTLA or maybe west Vernon, this industrial part of Los Angeles is certainly the road less traveled. For anyone who has ever flown into Los Angeles 10 times or less, you have probably never noticed this part of Los Angeles. And for anyone who has flown into Los Angeles 10 times or more, you know exactly the area I am talking about, and it's more than likely you still have never been there. In any case, this weekend it played home to the yearly Downtown Modernism event that showcases a variety of vintage furniture distributors, collectors, connoisseurs, and wanna-be's (myself included). 

First order of business was some Border Grill tacos, which are delicious but outrageously small. It's basically $5 for one bite. One delicious bite, but still, you can't call a Border Grill experience a meal. Nonetheless, we indulged in some snacks to power up some energy before our search for some chairs and a coffee table.

Ran into this guy, Dennis McGovern, who was looking extra stylish in his custom Hampton chestnut sunglasses that he copped from La Brea. Was kind of flattering that he knew who I was before I even fully introduced myself and he even gave our boy Bobby at La Brea some major props. First name basis kind of GLCO fan, you have to love that. 

Found my new offices chairs. Two mint condition Knoll chairs that Adam swears will appreciate in value. That's good news, considering all the other items in my office are CB2, and while I appreciate them, I don't think they appreciate me. 

A bonus was that the collector who sold me the chairs from his personal collection was rocking some new GLCO Brooks sunglasses in Whiskey Tortoise. His son bought them for him for his birthday, which is pretty official if you ask me, thus the stamp of approval.

I actually really loved this event because of its intimate nature. As much as I love the Rose Bowl, it is one of the most overwhelming shopping experiences that you can imagine. No matter what you score at the Rose Bowl, you are always left asking yourself if you could have done better. This event was clean and simple. Not a huge space and the perfect amount of vendors with everything well priced - at least everything I inquired about. So, if you are in the market for modern furniture, I am co-signing this event. I guarantee you will find what you are looking for and you won't pay an arm and a leg, AND you will get to see a part of Los Angeles that you will never see on accident.

This was also my first time at the roadside chicken stops in south DTLA that are an Angeleno experience most people will never get a piece of. Fortunately, a lot of Marina's factories are in this area, so she was very familiar with them and insisted we stop off and get a whole chicken, beans, rice, and horchata for $10. Although, she didn't have to insist all that hard, I practically was jumping out the window to add this to my list of Los Angeles' must-haves.

All in all a perfect weekend adventure in a location that you might never expect. I love this city.