Dj Harvey ColdChillin @ Coachella

By garrett

One of the downfalls of my job is that from time to time you have to sacrifice on fun. And almost nothing defines fun like the sarcastic melodies of the one and only DJ Harvey at the world famous Coachella Music Festival. We visited him last year when we was playing in the festival, check the video here. But this year, was a lot heavier on the California vibes with this epic pool party at the Saguaro. Fortunately, we had our field reporter Helen Nishi on the scene to capture the happenings.

Last year we actually stopped by the Saguaro for an absolutely atrocious event that we spent 12 minutes at. However, this is the type of event that could lead to dick sunburns. Maybe its a good thing I wasn't there.

The one and only Captain Harvey Bassett.

Gotta Have It in the house.

Glen…simply the best.

Don't know this dude, but not surprised by his attendance.

Hussssy, Vanessa, Steph, Tenaya…chillin.

Osamu Raj thinks his glasses are the best and I'm living in the past, while he is living in the future. Dream on bro…dream on...

Looking absolutely fantastic in Ashland.

Homegirl in the pool tho….

Jessica always smells good…just sayin'

Fuckin' Harvey, love this dude.

Miss Heidi Lawden is the wizard behind all this magic.

The man.

Suns out, buns out.

Helen and the gals.

I missed a good one.

I can feel the vibes.


Are you proud to be buds with the dude in the photo below?

Actually the dude in the white pants is dressed worse.

Thanks Hell Cat for covering this event perfectly. Take me there now!!!