Dinner with Clare V.

By Emily

In large cities like New York and LA everyone is competing for your time, for your likes and tags. But at GLCO what we truly cherish are the organic friendships and lasting partnerships that we’ve made within our industry through the years. So when we got a call from our fellow accessories maven and confidant Clare Vivier that she wanted to dip her toe into the eyewear game, it was so on. On Tuesday night we gathered a close knit group of industry professionals (they’re more like friends) together at Marvin in Beverly Hills where we celebrated the merging of our two like-minded SoCal sensibilities. The culmination of this vision resulted in an effortlessly chic and feminine sunglass frame, one that we’re proud to stamp both the names of Garrett Leight California Optical and Clare V. on.

Now, on to the who’s who of our fiercely fashionable GLCO x CV #squad.

Melissa Magsaysay of The Hive and Natalie Alcala of Racked got the memo to pair badass black jackets and red lips together for a killer combo.  

Our founder and Head Coach Garrett Leight, ladies and gents.  

Renaissance woman Natalie Joos and our partner in crime Clare Vivier practice their power stances by the bar.  

Meanwhile style goddess Garance Dore arrived fashionably on time in a chic overcoat with streamlined accessories.  

Murray Miller, writer of HBO’s Girls, and Clare cozy together in no doubt what will turn into a cameo appearance next season.  

 Caroline Vreeland, master of poses, gives us her best look whilst wearing the collab in Sable.  

Kristi Mikesky of The Zoe Report makes a strong case for classic French style with a simple slicked back pony and timeless red lip.  

Besties Clare and Garance show us the different ways to wear our collab. Pictured in Tortue and Ebene.

Garrett and Clare. Need we say more?

And that’s a wrap from Beverly Hills! Thank you to everyone at the Clare V. team, our power duo from Sorella Consulting, Bradbury Lewis for sharing their wisdom, our gracious hosts at Marvin and to everyone in attendance. As always we appreciate your support in keeping faces looking fashionable everywhere.